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It is simple and convenient to order a child car seat from us, whether it is for a short or longterm rental.
Do you need a car seat for your child while visiting Iceland or do you live in Iceland and need a safe car seat or an extra seat in mom's, dad's, grandpa's or grandma's car?  It's not uncommon to have more than one car seat for each child and it can be convenient to get a good chair that meets all safety standards for a small fee.

Strong monitoring

Child car seats that come from rental are carefully checked before they are rented again by specialized staff who have received certification from BeSafe. If the slightest defect or wear and tear on the structure of the chairs is found, they are immediately taken out of use. Strong supervision ensures that the child always enjoys maximum safety.

​Disinfection & washing

Strict work rules are followed when it comes to the cleaning and inspection of our baby car seats, and staff have received training and guidance from the manufacturers of BeSafe. When a baby car seat is returned to us, it is cleaned and disinfected.  The seat is thoroughly inspected and carefully checked for damage and stress.  If there is any doubt about the safety of the seat is discarded.

Installation & instruction

We focus on providing good and professional service to our customers and we do our best to process orders as quickly as possible.  It is important to follow the instructions that come with the chair when installing it in the car.  Here on our website you will find a video with instructions.  If a customer wishes to receive assistance in attaching a child car seat to the car, that service is of course available.  We also offer demonstrations in our showroom during business hours.

Car seat replacement

A child needs three child car seats during his developmental period, so that maximum safety is guaranteed and the safety equipment is suitable for the size of the child.  Renting our baby car seats is an affordable and safe solution, and the seat can be easily replaced as the child grows.

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